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Knowledge gives humility, from humility, one attains character; From character, one acquires wealth; from wealth good deeds follow and then happiness

In the present human lifestyle ,where each one of us are bound to be stressed with day to day activities. Habituating music/dance play a pivotal role to lead joyful and balanced lifestyle. Students at Mohana Murli Music and Dance academy are already witnessed the joyful and balanced life style by adopting desired music or dance. The learning of music and dance can be habituated at any age of our life. Mohana Murli team has experienced and qualified gurus to handle different age groups. Students can explore their talent in playing instruments, dancing and singing which act as wonderful co-curricular activity and also can seek an alternate career option.

We are already successful in providing personal attention, optimal size of the departments , experienced faculty who make sure students are progressing in the right direction. We ensure an easy and structured method of training which aims at excellence in the students. The students are given many opportunities to showcase their talent through various performances .

Safety and Security is our academy’s basic responsibility.

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What you get

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Qualified & Experienced Faculty

Faculty with decades of experience is knowledge are always ready to train.

Study Material designed by Experts

An integrated course material has been designed by Gurus for individual skill.

Morning batches for house wifes

Every housewife will have the opportunity to learn apart from daily works.

Convenient time schedules for students

All the classes will be held without disturbing the student’s regular academics.

Individual Attention

One-On-One methodology will allow better interactions with individual student.

Free Audio and Video Lessons

Digital classes will allow the student to practice after training sessions too.

Theory Classes

Every art has its precise theoretical data for better practical performance.

Stage Performance Plans

Every student will perform in groups and individually at artistic venues.

For all age groups ( No Age Limit)

Age factor will not limit or determine anyone’s interest to learn and perform.

Separate Instrument for each students

Every individual will have access to their own instrument and materials.

Our Vision

The idea of Mohana Murli Music and Dance Academy came from the vison of four responsible friends, who wants to debit back what they have learnt from the healthy nature and their respectful parents. We strongly believe that “Whatever we do with our body - whether we dance, sing or we just sit and breath, If we do it with involvement and joy, we can become masters of it”. In the process of habituating these joyful things we have grabbed great techniques with which we are able to adopt positive attitude and optimistic thinking. Very important one among these are, how to balance the Mind, Body and the Soule, which can be achieved by practicing music and dance.

Our Mission

We believe that, “A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you”. Before starting our Mohana Murli Music and Dance Academy, our first and important effort we burnt was to find like minded, highly qualified and responsible gurus. We can proudly say that we have 100% successful and formed a very strong and Experienced Mohana Murli team.

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